Monday, March 12, 2012


Yup....another rant. Recently i attended an event where there were several meet and greet opportunities. Ran into a few internet friends while there. After we had all met everyone we wanted to, we decided to grab some lunch in the hotel restaurant. We chatted as folks do when eating together. Rant in 3...2....1.....My friends spent the entire time talking about 2 of the folks there and went over the same things multiple times!!!!! We were there for a good two or three hours eating and chatting. WTF?! Jesus Christ! I tried a couple of times to change the direction of the conversation into related but different topics, but they just kept circling back. Finally i just gave up and just sorta listened. I didn't leave, because that would be rude on my part and i was raised better than that. I was happy when it was time to go so that they could catch their rides home. Christ...why do i always find the fucking crazy ones! I may avoid going to another event to avoid them there as well(not that i was aching to go to that event, but still).