Monday, August 15, 2011

My Authors After Dark experience

So, on August 13 I went to Philly to attend the Authors After Dark event put on by Stella Price. I only got to be there for the day as i couldn't get the rest of the days off from work. I had a fantastic time and got to meet a bunch of folks i've only spoken to online. the frist two were JoJo from JoJos Book Corner( and author Ava Riley---both sweet people to meet and talk with. They made me feel welcome right away. After two panels and a quick lunch(*shudders at the memory of lunch*) i made my way back for the book signing. there i met Meljean Brooks(got her Iron Duke novel--my first Steampunk), Dakota Cassidy(Who is hilarious to talk to. "do you really read this stuff?" Got Accidentally Catty), and Bianca D'arc. I was making my way to Larissa Ione's line when i see someone running towards me calling my name. I got attack-hugged by J.A. Saare! And i mean attack! She hugged me so hard and quickly that she knocked the hat off my head. J.A. is a fantastic friend i've known online for quite some time and was quite excited to meet in person. After J.A. I got in line for Larissa. When i got up to her to get her to sign my book, she asked who it was for. I gave her my name and she looked at me like "you're a guy and you're buying my book for yourself. okkkk"---or at least that's how it looked to me. As she wrote my name(saying it aloud) i told her, "yes, it's not Jim like you thought". She stopped dead, her head snapped up, looked at me like "What?!" And jumped up to give me a hug. I had spoken briefly with her on twitter and then in a vid chat. She recognized my handle and thought my name was Jim. So i had to make the connection when i met her. Another absolute sweet heart of a person. Then i got to meet Melissa Ecker(another twitter tweep) at what was her first book signing. I was happy to be a part of her first one! I hung around a bit then went to the "Steampunk dinner", which was good since i was pretty hungry by that point. Afterwards I headed to the "Steam Ball". Hung out with J.A. for the ball, Didn't enjoy the music or the sideshow entertainment. Just my taste. At the end of the Ball i said goodbye to all my friends, new and old, and drove home through pouring rain(anyone who left Philly on Sunday can attest to the rain) and got home at 3AM Sunday....where i promptly collapsed into bed after 22 hours being up. I had fun. I heard there were some issues with timing, things moving around and such, but I had a good time.