Sunday, June 26, 2011

idiot wrestling fans

Why, Oh Why do I always wind up sitting near the idiot fans?! I went to a local independent women's wrestling show last night. The show was great and all the women involved put on a fantastic show, as always. However, I wound up, once again, surrounded by idiot fans. They heckle the wrestlers, which is fine to a point. You are expected to "boo" the "heels" and "cheer" the "faces". It is part of the show. That i can deal with that. What pisses me off is when these people constantly make the same comments every 2 minutes. If there is a pin attempt that stops at two, i hear "that was THREEEEEE!!!" and "this ref sucks, this ref sucks, this ref sucks, this ref sucks" every time. Plus comments about the "heels" mom being a bitch, "you suck", "you're ugly", "you're hair sucks". Then on the other side of me i hear stuff about "oh, her underwear is showing" followed by "Beavis and Butthead" laughter. And "when i got a picture with so-and-so, i accidentally touched her butt". Then seeing them move around to try to take pictures of said ladies bottoms. I just want to punch these idiots in the face! Christ!!! I can't stand assholes like that. For all the performers, wrestlers and referees alike, you are stronger than me. I salute you all.